The app saw some big updates in 2019-2020 and is available in both Khmer and Engish languages. Downloaded by more than 2000 verified businesses during the BETA phase, DXBUY app successfully fulfilled more than 12,000 orders in the first five months. This collaborative trade platform enables business entities to discover products at better rates, transact and get them delivered anywhere in India. B2B Marketplaces in China – Suppliers, Manufacturers, Distributors 1. The B2B marketplace offers last mile deliveries with guaranteed dispatch within 24 hours, which is a great service for business clients. The main idea is to connect all type of retailers with distributors, traders & manufacturers on a single platform through this app. Create a feature-rich, customized online marketplace that suits your business. A B2B marketplace solution by us can be configured to manage RFQ requests. Are you making the biggest mistake in B2B ecommerce? Determine the monetization model that fits your marketplace (subscription fee, transaction fee, listing fees, ads). Application Marketplace An application marketplace is an online store where customers can go to find and purchase applications. We build B2B & B2C online marketplace store and apps. Paving the way with B2B Mobile Apps, an accelerating trend. 2. There might have been a solution in past that you failed to grab but no more. Kick start your Business to Business venture with extremely affordable solutions. Using this app, users who need services can search, connect, and order the services they need all from the device in their hand. What is B2B Business Services App? We outline the reason why majority of B2B ecommerce organizations fail online. By integrating mobile apps in the marketing strategy, businesses can reach newer demographics and multiply their sales substantially. DEDICATED ORDERING APP to work ON or OFFline Work, even with no internet connection, on a user-friendly app for iOs and Android. SalesIn mobile sales App and B2B Ecommerce site connects flawlessly with Xero, fully automating orders. Update Current Information Of B2B Marketplace. Buyers can also create RFQ requests for things that are non-existing on the platform. In-depth analyses of the key segments of the market demonstrate the consumption of B2B Food Marketplace Platforms market in different applications across different end-user industries. The market for B2B applications is already huge, and it is projected to grow dynamically in the next few years. Register today for free. DesignRush, a B2B marketplace connecting brands with agencies, identified the best web design experts that can help brands create an impactful digital experience for their audience. With a sleek app, extensive product range and dynamic pricing, we at DXBUY have thus raised the bar in B2B e-commerce,” commented Rizwan Zubairi, COO – DXBUY. ; UNLIMITED AGENTS with independent accounts The cost for agents is 0€ and their own private accounts that guaranty the confidentiality and … 100 crores in Tolexo in FY15-16. This is a "Marketplace Platform" mobile application. IndiaMart had invested Rs. Create online marketplace websites and apps to sell products, offer services, or rent-out anything. Users in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap can make use of Nham24. With the help of on demand b2b marketplace software, customer can view the details and add the items that they want to buy in the cart. ; UNLIMITED USERS Add everyone in your company, with custom permissions and no limitations as to what they can do. This will help the business owners to use the power of technology to nurture and scale their businesses. Provide Weather Information. Marketplace for B2B goods. Get solutions tailored to your industry: Agriculture, Education, Distribution, Financial services, Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Professional services, Retail and consumer goods. A buyer can create RFQ's for existing items in the case; they plan to buy quantities in bulk and expect better pricing. Largest free b2b Marketplace & business directory in india. Perform all B2B activities from anywhere using your mobile. At Retailersbook we aim to connect millions of retailers with our centralized digital platform, designed specifically for Brands as well as small & medium businesses in India.

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